Whenever we have technology questions or problems, we call on Tim Barker for help.  Tim always responds in a timely, professional manner.  He consistently exceeds our expectations while often anticipating future problems that he can proactively solve.  We're grateful we can rely on the Friendly Techie for all of our technology support!
Tim Barker, the Friendly Techie, continues to be a great local resource for my small business. Tim is remarkably reliable, effective and passionate about sharing his knowledge and skills with others. He’s committed to seeing customers succeed! An extra perk for me is his patience in working with those of us who are less than “techie”. Tim’s explanations and demonstrations are consistently accurate, clear and hands-on.
I have several reasons why I have come to rely on Tim, "The Friendly Techie" whenever I have technology questions or problems. First, whenever Tim comes to my house he not only solves my tech problem, but he also teaches me something helpful. Next, he indeed does find solutions to tech problems, whether simple or complex. Perhaps best of all, he never makes me feel stupid regardless of the questions he poses. I really appreciate that I can feel OK raising any techie issue. He is my go-to technology problem solver!
Jean D.
Iowa City, IA
We have had Tim Barker help us with our computer or iPhone dilemmas many times, either with a home visit or over the phone! He is conscientious, knowledgeable and has always solved our “unsolvable" problems. He is able to explain what he is doing in understandable language. He is consistently kind and truly makes us feel that no question is too dumb!! It is wonderful to have this "friendly techie" as our technology doctor!
Judy H.
Coralville, IA